Regional SEO Services

Regional SEO Services

Regional SEO is an intermediate strategy when you are looking to gain leads and exposure beyond a single city, but you are not prepared to service the entire country. You may be interested in targeting a single state, or a regional area such as the Mid-Atlantic, New England, or the Pacific North West. Regional SEO is frequently employed for car dealerships, franchises and chains, essentially SMBs and professional practices with multiple locations and offices across the state.

Regional optimization campaigns present their own unique challenges and opportunities, and you need a partner who understands the nuances associated with search engine algorithms that can be turned to your advantage.

Wellspring Search is a leading digital marketing agency, and our team has the experience and expertise to create and manage regional SEO campaigns at scale.

Regional SEO Methodology

We follow an established methodology that is tried and proven to deliver results for our customers.

By working together, we will improve your regional exposure and improve lead generation in a way that is visible and accountable.

Client Discovery

Discovery is foundational and is a vital step on the way to dominating regional rankings in search engine results.

We look at how your brand and online presence are currently viewed within the market, and seek to understand what your customers really think about you and your products and services. We use this information to build a picture of your ideal customer and where they may be found, and more importantly, what they are actively searching for using Google, Bing, or other search engines.

We also start work on what your competitors are doing online, and how you compare against them in both digital and bricks-and-mortar worlds. Frequently, we find that your online competition is a very different cast of characters from real-world, which throws new light on your branding and market positioning in reality.

Regional SEO campaigns are strategic in nature, and require a solid foundation upon which to build if results are to be expected.

Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

By looking at who currently benefits from the top rankings for converting keywords, we not only establish the level of competition (and therefore the level of effort) but also gain insight into which keywords and phrases are actively contributing to the bottom line of successful websites.

We look to focus on top performing keyword targets from the outset, focusing efforts, resources, and your budget upon search terms which drive search engine users to your website. We are not just looking to drive website visits, but are laser focused on attracting those search engine users who are looking to buy your product and services.

Wellspring Search employs state-of-the-art technology and research tools, backed by a deep well of experience, to short-list keywords and phrases you can effectively compete for and dominate.

Regional Onsite Optimization Methodology

Building upon keyword and competitor research, together with a rigorous technical audit of the website to be optimized, we will work with your team to optimize strategic pages and your website as a whole.
Using the foundation created by Discovery, Keyword Research, and Competitor Analysis, we will perform onsite optimization for your website.

To this end, we will improve your website’s regional SEO ranking factors, such as website load speed, the impact of security protocols (such as SSL and https), and how well the site works for your Mobile users.

We will modify or add content and code where appropriate, to assist in search engine visibility and also with the human user as the focus. It is essential that a website is not optimized just for a search engine, as while this may increase rankings, it is of little value if the User Experience provided to real people is not of a high quality.

Keywords and phrases identified as targets for the SEO campaign will be used both within the site code and content. We will also work with you on creating an organized hierarchy of page and content, so they are more easily visible to search engines, but also allow your visitors to get to the information and messaging that is relevant to them far more quickly.

Finally, we will work with your team to ensure your website reflects your branding and positioning, while targeting your ideal customer. This will improve key user behavior metrics, such as reducing bounce rates, increasing time spent on site, and encourages Social Media sharing and repeat visits.

The timescale for performing onsite optimization for a regional SEO campaign is anything from two weeks to two months and is a very intensive exercise. However, onsite optimization is foundational to any successful campaign, and no regional SEO effort will succeed without this being done first.

Once onsite optimization is complete, we are now ready to add fuel to kick your regional SEO campaign into high gear: we will now move to the Offsite Optimization.

Offsite Optimization for Regional SEO Campaigns

Regional optimization success relies upon a disciplined approach to generating and attracting authoritative links from other websites, ideally within your own industry niche. Developing a backlink profile is an essential prerequisite to for ranking targeted keywords as well as increasing the overall number of impressions unknown keywords, notably gaining exposure when a long-tail keyword is used.

Regional SEO campaigns must be conducted in an ethical fashion, and typically the most valuable links are those you earn rather than create. Companies looking to boost their rankings at the regional level typically engage in multiple marketing activities that produce great back-linking opportunities, such as attending conferences and exhibitions, publishing case studies and thought leadership pieces, or using traditional media channels and advertising. All of these, and more, create great back-linking opportunities which are generally missed or misused.

Additionally, other offsite factors play into creating search engine success, including Social Media mentions and activity, and your branding and messaging generally.

Regional SEO campaigns never work in isolation, and best results are obtained by using them as part of the overall marketing mix. Whether B2C or B2B, before a lead becomes a customer they will engage with your organization across multiple media and devices, usually researching products and services via search engines, potential providers using their websites, and establishing credibility and confidence in your company by checking Social Media.

Integrating SEO with your paid search campaigns is also a great idea because both rely upon search engines to a large extent, and the quality of keyword research you conduct. By using PPC and SEO together, keywords can be effectively tested for conversion and ROI using PPC, and winners shortlisted for optimization efforts using SEO.

Ultimately, Regional SEO campaigns generate the lowest cost per lead than any other online channel. Building an SEO advantage means you are building a competitive advantage and a strategic marketing asset.

Measuring Regional SEO Results – Reporting and Metrics

Regular reporting is essential for keeping your campaigns, budgets, and ROI on track. Successful SEO campaigns are nimble and flexible, allowing for quick changes in direction as data and results unfold.
Visibility into work activity is also crucial to demonstrate correlation and causation between action and the results we deliver.

We are the only SEO agency that utilizes JobTraQ – the leading no-code workflow platform which manages our internal processes and editorial calendars applied to client accounts. JobTraQ delivers the capability to deliver accountability and transparency into our work which clients can access and view in real-time. What other digital agency opens a window directly into work being conducted on your behalf – in real-time?

A fundamental principle we are committed to is transparency, and by using JobTraQ our clients have as much visibility into work and results as we do ourselves.

In addition to real-time work reporting, we also create custom dashboards and reports tailored to
Wellspring Search is the ONLY SEO agency that utilizes JobTraQ – a workflow management platform. JobTraQ not only manages our internal processes and editorial calendars for client accounts, but we provide access for each individual client to see what work is being performed in real-time.

A fundamental principle we are founded upon is transparency, and by using JobTraQ you are as in touch with work activity as we are – in real-time.

We also provide client access to custom dashboards and reporting tools that allow them to access campaign results and metrics.

Finally, we meet with client teams and stakeholders on a regular basis, reviewing results from regional SEO campaign efforts and exploring future direction. Working closely with client teams fosters strong relationships, improving collaboration and group efforts from your investment, enhancing communication, as well as encouraging skills and knowledge transfer to client staff.

Wellspring Search is a trusted regional SEO partner which delivers far more than #1 rankings in Google!


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