National SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization Campaigns on the National Stage

Are you ready to go national – if so you will need National SEO as a key ROI generator. More than 44% of customers start their buying journey by searching for the products and services they are interested in using a search engine, usually Google or Bing. Of these potential customers, 79% will click on the organic listings in search results, and rarely clicking through to the second page. You must get your website product and service pages ranking on page one to generate online business.

You may have performed Local SEO to gain business in your home town or city locations, moving to statewide or regional optimization as you develop and gain competitive advantage. But, going after national SEO rankings is an exponential step, where the competition is the fiercest, but coming with the greatest rewards.

Wellspring Search has the technical and creative skills required to mount a successful search engine optimization campaign at a national level, even in the most competitive of online environments.

The principles behind our performance-driving National SEO strategies are rooted in discipline, collaboration, expertise, experience, and the effective application and management of resources and talent.

National Search Engine Optimization Methodology

We have a proven methodology developed over a decade, and which has been tried and proven in the most competitive of search engine environments.

Wellspring Search and our clients work together, exchanging skills and information, and allocating optimization and marketing campaign responsibilities, and establishing lines of communication and reporting.

National SEO Discovery

Discovery is a vital first step towards dominating any national keyword rankings which can deliver ROI.

Discovery encompasses how your brand and positioning are viewed in the market, establishing your product and service offerings and what your customers really think of you and your brand. We work with you to identify and personify your ideal customer, and the potential market opportunity they represent.

We delve into how you do business and serve your existing customers, and develop insight into the opportunities available to you. We will also start fleshing out the competitive and business environment you operate within, both online and in the real world.

The Discovery process enables the most effective positioning of your website and digital footprint, targeting customers who are looking to do buy products and services from you.

National SEO is a strategic marketing effort, and successful campaigns require successful discovery to put everyone on the same page and pulling in the same direction to get results.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Following on from Discovery, we will work with you to identify suitable keyword opportunities and the competition you must fight against to dominate them.

We will work with you to uncover keywords and phrases, as well as compiling ranking keywords your competitors are using to generate traffic to their websites.

We use cutting-edge tools and technology to uncover keywords and identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, including using Google AdWords Keyword Planner and paid tools to SEMrush, Majestic, and AHREFS for example.

Onsite Optimization for a National SEO Campaign

Using the foundation created by Discovery, Keyword Research, and Competitor Analysis, we will perform onsite optimization for your website.

By analogy, the earlier processes allow us to design a race car, but onsite optimization is where we will build the vehicle. Likewise, we will work with you to optimize your technical SEO factors such as website code, load speed and performance, the impact of security protocols, and the ability to render on a Mobil device.

Particular focus will be given to ensuring your content is appropriately optimized for key phrases, using semantic SEO techniques (in essence this means focusing not just on selected keywords, but also associated phrases which naturally co-occur). Content must also be structured to provide a natural progression and relevant usability not just by search engines, but more importantly by your real people.

Here we will use the work performed on creating a picture of your ideal customers, and put into the design and build of your website to maximize key user behavior metrics, such as reducing bounce rates and increasing time spent on page, or pages per visit.

We have now built or modified your website to race in the National SEO championships – now we need to find the fuel.

Offsite Optimization for National SEO

At the national level, the quality and authority of other sites linking to your website is of greatest importance. These are backlinks, and creating a rank winning backlink profile requires a great deal of creative and technical skill, coupled with discipline and the resources to successfully execute. Backlinking must be ethical, and performed under rigorous supervision to be effective – be warned, this is not an exercise to be left to even the most gifted of amateurs!

In addition to backlinking, there are numerous other external factors such as Social Media and traditional media signals, particularly branding messaging, which contribute to winning the search engine ranking race.

National SEO campaigns rarely work in isolation, and form part of a marketing mix that means optimization efforts must be integrated and work effectively with your other efforts. Search engine optimization will greatly benefit your television, radio, and print media campaigns, augmenting your brand and messaging, creating trust and credibility in the minds of your target customers.

Finally, because National SEO is rooted in search engines such as Google and Bing, it forms a pillar of digital marketing efforts. Integrating SEO with other digital marketing efforts, such as PPC (Pay-per-Click), Social Media advertising, creating online sales funnels and marketing automation, or email marketing.

When you are competing on the national stage, no single channel will deliver the greatest competitive advantage – you must ensure everything works together, including National SEO campaigns.

Reporting and National SEO Campaign Management

Wellspring Search is the ONLY SEO agency that utilizes JobTraQ – a workflow management platform. JobTraQ not only manages our internal processes and editorial calendars for client accounts, but we provide access for each individual client to see what work is being performed in real-time.

A fundamental principle we are founded upon is transparency, and by using JobTraQ you are as in touch with work activity as we are – in real-time.

We also provide client access to dashboards and reporting tools that allow them to access not only work activity, but campaign results and metrics, and al at the click of a mouse.

Finally, on a regular basis we will meet with our National SEO clients to review a detailed report on activity and performance, and also to discuss strategy changes as the optimization campaign unfolds and data is generated.

Communication and reporting are essential, not simply to manage an SEO campaign, but to demonstrate ROI and justify your continuing investment in National SEO.

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