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Local SEO is a fantastic business leveler in that small companies can out rank and out compete even the largest competitor. Clients using our Local search optimization services include every SMB you see in your town or neighborhood, whether they be a dentist or lawyer, home improvement or bar, car dealer or retailer.

Local SEO Services

Why Local Businesses Need Local SEO

How many times have you told your kids to just “Google it!” – we do it all the time, and this demonstrates just how deeply ingrained search engines, and in particular Google, have become within our daily lives.

Best estimates show that more than 95% of purchasers will look for a product or service using a search engine, typically Google, before either proceeding to buy from a bricks and mortar establishment.

Imagine 95% of your customers are looking online to see what is available, where it can be found, and who is providing a product or service. For instance, most attorney clients will first perform a search for “Divorce attorney” or “DUI lawyer” before they ever hear of your lawyer’s name, and the same applies to any business you can think of.

When a prospective local buyer makes that search, only a select few businesses will stand any chance of receiving the phone call or walk in from the customer: those who are on the first page of the search results.

Your website and business must feature high in these search results, especially in the Maps section and the top 3 positions. These are the sweet spots which grab most of the attention and clicks from search engine users.

This is where Local SEO comes into play, and you need to partner with an experienced Digital marketing agency that understands how to leverage search engines for your business benefit.

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While optimization can take some time to take effect, the results of an effective Local SEO campaign are astounding.

Just take a look at some of these results:

A local used car dealer client has increased traffic by 300% in less than 3 years, and Local SEO now generates more than 55% of all leads and they dominate local search listings. This client is now taking the lion’s share of organic clicks and forcing competitors to spend more money on AdWords, TV, radio, and press ads to compete.

A local TirePros franchisee has increased organic traffic by 33% in 12 months, but increased leads by more than 200% leading to a reduced reliance on expensive Google AdWords campaigns resulting in savings of over $50k per year while increasing sales.

An IT Managed Services Provider enjoyed such success with Local SEO that they are now considering opening two further offices to expand their geographical coverage.

Reducing Cost Per Lead and Time to Sale

Once your Local SEO campaign takes effect you will quickly see the major benefits extend beyond simply generating hot leads for your business.

Search users are typically “good to go” and are looking to buy now or very shortly, which means you also enjoy far higher sales conversion rates. You are gaining the attention of prospects at just the right time when they are looking to make that purchasing decision, so the tie it takes for them to make the decision to buy is compressed.

In other words, search users are ready to buy now!

Over time, your SEO efforts will accumulate as you gain higher rankings and take a larger and growing share of the clicks from search users. Meanwhile, your SEO cost remains the same, but you are generating more and more hot leads.

At this point, you will see your cost per lead decrease, and we typically see organic leads from Local SEO achieve the lowest cost of any channel, both Digital and traditional.

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The Wellspring Search Local SEO Process

We believe in transparency and visibility in our dealings with all of our clients, and though there is a great deal of skill and experience which goes into Local SEO, we are very happy to share our methodology.

A typical Local SEO campaign will involve the following:

  • Site audit and review
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Onsite optimization
  • Citation sources and optimizing Google My Business and Bing Places listings
  • Blogging (as appropriate)
  • Attracting and managing genuine online customer reviews
  • Link building and directory submissions (as appropriate)
  • Algorithm and search engine monitoring
  • Monthly reporting

Why Choose Wellspring Search as Your Local SEO Agency?

We deliver results – more leads and more sales – and we will do this for your business.

We are open and transparent, while we follow through on our client commitment to be as clear as is possible.

We will only work with one business niche at a time in any local area – you do not want to have an SEO firm working for you and your competitors at the same time.

We have outstanding customer service – just ask our clients!

We are certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

We are a White Hat SEO agency – this means we use ethical optimization practices that aim to keep you on the right side of search engine Terms of Service, and deliver long-term value.

We are industry veterans and leaders in the field of search engine optimization.

We employ state-of-the-art tools and technology, providing our Local SEO clients with enterprise-class SEO without the big company price tag.

We have all the Local SEO skills and expertise under one roof, from technical skills, creative talent, and the experience to put a strategy together and execute a successful campaign.

We can manage all of your Digital marketing under one roof, including running your PPC and Social Media advertising campaigns so they work together.

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