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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of developing high rankings in search engines, especially Google and Bing, for keywords relevant to your business. By gaining high rankings in a search engine result, you will attract more impressions, leading to more click-thrus to your website, and greater opportunities to convert visitors into leads and customers.

SEO is a strategic marketing tool which if used correctly, will build long-term value and ROI for your business, and deliver demonstrable competitive advantage within your niche.

No other online channel is capable of delivering such a level of leads and converting traffic for such a low cost per lead.

SEO Agency

If you are ready to take your website and marketing to the next level and beyond for lead generation and sales, then look at our service offerings:

Local SEO – suitable for businesses looking to dominate a city or regional area up to state level.

Regional SEO – you are ready to tackle State or Tri-state markets, or even New England or the Mid-West, but not quite ready to go National.

National SEO – suitable for businesses looking to rank over a broadly defined geographical area, such as a country, or major continental region, e.g. North America.

International SEO – world domination is what you seek, or you may be interested in reaching target audiences in different languages via different country search engines, e.g. or

Ecommerce SEO – directly driving search traffic through a conversion funnel with advanced Google Analytics customizations, website architecture recommendations, product feeds, ancillary ecommerce platforms, and conversion optimization.

Enterprise SEO – where large websites operated by large organizations are managed using cross-functional teams, subject to brand constraints, to the satisfaction of stakeholders with revenue and profit responsibility.

Why Use SEO?

Search engine optimization is a strategic online marketing strategy, and one which requires a great deal of expertise, discipline, and creative flair.

The bottom line for why you should perform SEO is simple: it works, it generates huge returns, and it is probably the most cost-effective marketing investment you will ever make over the long-term.

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the competition, your existing website, and your business niche, it can take between 3 to 6 months for results to start being seen. In some cases, optimization work may need to be carried out over a longer time period, and in any event, once you start an SEO campaign you will typically need to continue optimization work to maintain your competitive advantage and lead flow.

SEO is not a tactical strategy, or for those working with short-term horizons, but instead requires businesses to think and operate at a strategic level.

We advise clients that they should be prepared to run an SEO campaign for a minimum of 6 months, and strongly discourage businesses from starting a campaign unless they can make this commitment.

If you need results today, then you ought to consider other channels, such as PPC or Social Media advertising.

How Does SEO Work?

The quick answer is: rank highly in search engines, such as Google, and more people will click through to your website, giving you more visitors, and a greater opportunity to convert them to leads and sales.

The truth though is far more complex.

SEO Strategy

There are two major search engines, Google and Bing, as well as dozens of others which deliver information to users quickly. Google in particular has a huge level of search activity, being the search engine of choice for users around the world, and no matter what device they may be using, such as desktop or laptop, tablet or other Mobile devices (typically a smart phone).

Search engines take the term typed into them by the user (the Keyword) and quickly search and rank relevant web pages in order, and then present the results to the user. This takes fractions of a second, which is a modern miracle given the millions and millions of web pages out there.

In addition to ranking websites, the search engine will also usually include other information along with the SERPs (the term we use for the ranking results). Depending on the type of search or niche that we are working with, you can typically expect to see paid search results generated by PPC advertisers, in Google’s case this platform is called AdWords, or Bing Ads for Bing. You are also likely to see local results on a map (Google Maps), or if you are shopping online you may see product feeds for popular retail items (Google Shopping).

Gaining a high ranking for a keyword term means more people are likely to click on your result, but there is more to SEO than simply ranking #1. You can improve your sales and lead generation performance by ranking for a portfolio of keywords, and minimize the risk of losing the ranking for just one high-performing keyword.

Leveraging all online channels in tandem with your optimization efforts will also deliver enhanced performance, but this requires a thorough understanding of not just SEO, but every online and traditional marketing channel (Omnichannel).

Additional complexity is introduced because gaining high rankings for relevant keywords is a moving target. Search engines are constantly changing how they calculate ranking results, in Google’s case we typically see around 500 changes per year, some changes are minor and routine while others are major and create waves of change and volatility across the search environment.

What this means in practice is that what you did for SEO yesterday is very likely to have to change for the SEO of tomorrow. It is vitally important that you partner with a firm which not only understands how the various online and traditional marketing channels interact and operate, but that they devote significant time and resources to maintaining up-to-date knowledge of current developments and techniques for promoting websites in search engines.

Wellspring Search has been practicing SEO for over 15 years, and has increased relevant, converting web traffic for customers operating locally and scaled to a global presence. We have verifiable credentials and references, working with increasing sales and leads for small to medium-sized businesses, through to global enterprises and non-profits.

No matter what the online competition for popular ranking positions, we have the skills, experience, creative and technical capacity to work with you to get to #1.

Thinking SEO? Think Wellspring Search.

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