Marketing Automation

Create More Opportunities and Leads with Marketing Automation

Attract – Qualify – Nurture – Convert

Marketing Automation platforms provide the technology to accelerate the progression of contacts into prospects into leads, and ultimately into customers and revenue. By automating marketing tasks, such as triggering emails to initial prospects, follow ups on demo requests and appointment scheduling, we take a lot of the necessary, but drudge work out of the equation, freeing marketing resources to focus on the real work of lead creation.

Sharpspring Marketing Automation platform


Wellspring Search creates goal-based marketing campaigns using automation platforms such as Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, and Sharpspring. Which platform is most suitable for your business depends on you and the challenges you face – we use Sharpspring because of cost, scalability, and the functionality we require, but you may need something different to us.

The vital point is that we are able to reduce the marketing waste associated with running campaigns, and instead focus resources and effort on developing channels which deliver ROI, and demonstrate attribution and results.

Building Prospect Lists and Using Marketing Automation to Create Leads

By implementing marketing automation technology, you will be able to gain visibility and accountability into your marketing processes and funnels. In addition, you will be able to strengthen collaboration and communication between marketing and sales teams, and identify where you need to improve performance.

Attract Contacts and Build Marketing Lists

Exchange content for contact information, using customized forms which gather contact information quickly and enable visitor tracking.

Store all your contacts in one place with a built-in CRM.

Custoemr Relationship Management

Visitor Tracking and Identification

As contacts enter your funnel, marketing automation will immediately start building a 360-degree picture of them. This includes anonymous web visitors who may be identified by nothing more than an IP address, or who may be identified by their activity and behaviors as they engage with your content.

Visitor identification

Nurture Leads and Prospects

Trigger very specific emails to selected leads and prospects who are demonstrating buying behavior.
Automatically deliver relevant messaging and offers at exactly the time when a prospect is engaging with your content.

Life of lead for email nurturing

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring allows you to build up a picture of just who is engaged with you, and either needs specific nurturing or is ready for a call.

Prioritize sales and marketing efforts based on how engaged someone is with you, and move them through the funnel faster.

Create Customized Forms, Emails and Landing Pages

Simply and easily create customized forms for data collection using drag and drop.

Use standard email templates, design your own with email builders, or import custom HTML.

Easily and quickly create landing pages and speed the time it takes to move through your funnel.

Form designer

Visual Workflow

Automate marketing tasks using Visual Workflow to create and improve sales and marketing processes.

Visual workflow designer for marketing automation

Data Analytics

See everything within your marketing universe, down to the most granular levels.

Create performance dashboards for at-a-glance management of campaigns and ROI generation.

Data analytics and reporting

Using marketing automation you will:

  • Increase lead generation
  • Create marketing workflows based on goals and replicate them
  • Fuel your email marketing
  • Easily and simply segment and personalize your database
  • Execute on lifecycle marketing
  • Develop and implement a meaningful content strategy
  • Gather Data and Analytics from the top to the bottom of the funnel
  • Integrate marketing campaigns with your website and Digital footprint, including Social Media
  • Install dynamic call tracking to dramatically improve lead and sales attribution


Marketing performance improvement

Monitor Marketing Performance and Improve Outcomes

Track visitors to your website and instantly know if they are simply a contact, a real prospect, hot lead, or a customer coming back for repeat business.

Utilize lead scoring to establish how engaged and receptive a lead or prospect are to an approach.

Get personal with your database, delivering marketing and sales messages that are customized to individual contacts, leads, and prospects, and delivered just when they are receptive.

Gain visibility into just how influential Social Media truly is, and qualify and quantify value from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Create personas with ease, segment your database however you wish to work with it, and easily and quickly change as you need.

Maintain all communications in one repository and see how your relationship develops over the life of the lead, including backtracking engagement when a lead was just an anonymous web visitor.

Quickly work out just what delivers ROI and what does not, allowing you to focus on what works while quickly testing and developing new methods of creating value.

Lifecycle marketing

Lifecycle Tracking and Analytics

Track anonymous users web behavior and interactions with you, while identifying users before they contact you.

Follow all interactions through the entire customer lifecycle, and identify where you can improve your customer touchpoints.

Generate usable data to create and strengthen lead profiles.

Use data and facts to identify successful channels, and remove the risk from decisions being based on generalized opinions and feelings.

Identify cost-per-lead and cost-per-acquisition data.

Why Wellspring Search Should Be Your Marketing Automation Partner

Wellspring Search offers four core service areas where we are exceptionally strong, indeed world class: one of them is Marketing Automation and we are a SharpSpring Partner.

We have experience using Marketo, HubSpot, and Pardot, typically with a partnering Salesforce integration or customized BI or management dashboard.

A marketing automation platform is only ever as good as the people who are wielding the functionality and driving the creativity. We will work collaboratively with your team and existing partners to deliver an outstanding lead generating sales and marketing funnel for SMBs and enterprises which will scale.

A critical part of the Marketing Automation experience with Wellspring Search is our skills transfer: a common issue facing marketing leaders and business owners is how can they get their in-house people to utilize the technology stack now available to their creative teams. We pride ourselves on delivering knowledge and hands-on control to internal teams.

Marketing Automation is a complex concept to execute upon, but we will make it simple and effective while turning your marketing into a lead generation machine.

Contact us today for a demonstration and a free consultation.

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