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Wellspring Search is the leading Gettysburg SEO agency and opened its first office at 122 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg PA 17325. Our founder lives in Fairfield Pennsylvania, so we are as local an SEO agency as you can get here in Gettysburg!

We serve clients across the country and overseas, but the bulk of our clients are found in the Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh ‘box’ of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Gettysburg SEO agency, Wellspring Search office on Baltimore Street.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is one of our strongest service offerings, and we have the references and case studies to back this up.

  • We have a local car dealer who now enjoys more than 76% of incoming leads generated by SEO, especially Google, and they are on the way to totally dominating their local market.
  • We have a global software client that is ranked #1 for a number of highly competitive keyword terms in the B2B space across the United States and in foreign markets.
  • We helped build an Ecommerce business in the pet food niche which was sold to a major player in 2014.

SEO Industry Veterans

Our founder, Karl Hindle, is an SEO industry veteran and the Wellspring Search team has the experience with almost every business niche you can imagine.

We are also highly skilled at delivering leads and business growth using  SEO, and understand how important it is to optimize your website not only for search engines, but also for your whole Digital footprint.

We are unique to Gettysburg because we focus on what we are great at: SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, & Marketing Automation.

No other marketing firm or SEO agency delivers the depth of expertise and experience in these areas.

We are also refreshingly honest in what we will and will not do for you.

We will accelerate lead generation and sales growth for your business, and we will focus on getting your website working and delivering results from search engines and other Digital marketing activities where we are proven leaders.

We will not promise you miracles from Social Media.

We will not tell you we can do everything.

We will not recommend SEO or any marketing activity unless you understand what is going on and why.

We will not sell you on SEO or any service simply because it’s an opportunity to gain a client.

Why Choose Wellspring Search as Your Gettysburg SEO Company?

We are totally focused on delivering results, which means generating leads and sales from your website and Digital footprint.

We are first and foremost SEO practitioners, and by that we mean we live and breathe search engine optimization.

SEO is what we are known for most, and we are passionate about using optimization techniques to deliver results.

We are industry leaders and are published by some of the leading SEO publications.

We are Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified.

We are honest and transparent, and look to build a relationship based on trust, transparency, and results.

We speak in plain English without the techno-babble: sure, we understand all about domain metrics and page URLs, but what you want to know is what are the results we will deliver for you!

You should choose Wellspring Search as your Gettysburg SEO agency because we have a laser focus on delivering leads and sales for your business.

Why Did Wellspring Search Choose Gettysburg PA?

Our founder, Karl Hindle, explains why we landed in Gettysburg:

“As a small boy growing up in England, I was a history geek, and read a lot about Napoleonic Wars and such. I came across a book which had mention of the American Civil War, so when I was next in the library I looked it up (no Google back then!)

The first book I read was about Gettysburg, I can’t remember what it was, but the battle fired my imagination and I read everything I could.

When I came to the United States to live, one of my first trips was here to Gettysburg, visiting Devil’s Den, the Round Tops, Seminary Ridge, and as much as I could in my short day. I also fell in love with the town and the area, and promised myself I would live here one day.

Today, I live in Fairfield opposite Ski Liberty where my wife works, and my childhood dream and the promise I made to myself of living here have come true. There is no way I could start Wellspring Search and our SEO agency anywhere else but in Gettysburg PA.”

Wellspring Search delivers Digital marketing expertise which is without peer in the area, and we are the unmatched, leading Gettysburg SEO agency. Our Local SEO expertise allows our clients to reach #1 rankings against even the largest competitors, while businesses looking to extend their market reach across the country or around the globe find our experience and optimization methodology indispensable.

Local SEO services

Enterprise search engine optimization

Gettysburg SEO Agency Packs a Powerful Marketing Punch!

While we are world class SEO practitioners, we also have several Digital marketing services where we excel.

The marketing review body, UpCity has awarded us the title of Top PPC Agency in Baltimore, demonstrating our range and depth of expertise in search engine marketing:

#1 PPC Agency Baltimore MD


Wellspring Search
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Pay Per Click – Google AdWords and Bing Ads

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