Email Marketing Campaigns Which Drive Lead Generation

Intelligent, Data-Driven Email Marketing Designed For Your Business

Email marketing is a powerful tool for generating leads, nurturing prospects, engaging existing customers, and re-engaging with unconverted prospects.

The bottom line is your ROI, but how do you get there?

Wellspring Search doesn’t just build email campaigns, we create and build sustainable ROI which you can track.

How Do We Create Email Marketing Success?

Targeting Your Market

We will work with you to create and test email strategies, including developing and executing email campaigns that deliver success you can see.

Create Email Templates That Convert

Depending on your audience and the type of email strategy you adopt, we will create and code email templates that reflect your brand and offers.

Create Compliant Email Campaigns

We understand the legal frameworks which exist to control and regulate email marketing, including CAN-SPAM in the US, CASL (Canada), Can Spam (UK), ACMA (Australia), and DPEC (EU).

We’ll get you in front of prospects and customers, without letting you break the law!

Choosing the Right Email Platform

There are dozens of email marketing platforms out there, and we have experience with all the major systems, including SilverPop, MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Robly, and more.

If you are looking to work beyond email, we also offer Marketing Automation services, including using Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, and we are expert partners with SharpSpring.

Email Promotions

By understanding your target market and your business, we will bring our experience to bear on creating compelling offers and seductive inducements to increase sales and leads. We’ll also test multiple offers, subject lines, and ad copy to continuously improve and optimize your ROI.

Drip Email Campaigns

Wellspring Search will help you engage with your prospects at a strategic level, with the right message delivered at the right time, quickly leading your audience through your marketing and sales funnel to the buying decision.

Triggered Email Campaigns

Wellspring Search has the web technology to identify specific website visitors, and to trigger email campaigns tailored specifically for them. We can automate everything, so your prospects receive customized emails designed to get them to “Yes!

Re-engagement Email Campaigns

Every year you will lose 25% of your email universe because they become disinterested, or forgot all about you because you didn’t keep in touch with them. Your existing customer and prospect database is the most productive sales and marketing asset you have, but you must ensure they remain engaged and that you add to the list.

Wellspring Search utilizes a range of email and Social Media marketing techniques to ensure your customer and lead database is kept warm and engaged for your sales people.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment

For ecommerce operators, shopping cart abandonment is extremely costly. Beyond conversion optimization, there are significant sales opportunities to be regained by ensuring you connect to almost-customers with engaging offers, discounts, and inducements.

There is also a great opportunity to gain feedback on why someone did not complete the transaction, creating relevant data to help with improving your conversion funnel.

Wellspring Search’s Strategic Email Marketing Process

Driving ROI Consistently Requires a Tried and Tested Process

Underlying all of Wellspring Search’s marketing philosophy is the need to replicate results for clients in a consistent way. This demands organized processes and discipline, as well as collaboration, creativity, and a deep well of business and marketing understanding.

Our methodical approach to email marketing drives ROI, and here are the ten major components we will create for you:

1. Develop Email Strategy

We’ll look at what you have been doing, and bring our experience to bear to either tweak your existing campaigns, or show you why you need to go in a completely different direction (and prove it with the numbers).

2. Develop Your List, Acquire New Records, & Fine Tune Your Opt-in Process

We will work with you to clean up your list, so you are maintaining a compliant and receptive email audience. In addition, we will increase engagement and minimize or eliminate spam complaints, while improving email deliverability.

3. Email Database Management

Do you know which parts of your email database are generating a return? Is your list growing in the right way with relevant subscribers who want to hear from you, or are you throwing mud against a wall? We’ll establish your key email management metrics, clean up your list, and optimize your list acquisition activities.

4. Optimize Email Deliverability

If your email recipients don’t ever receive your emails, then they’ll never know what you have to say. There are a number of reasons why your emails will not be delivered, from the email platform you are using, to the content of the emails themselves. If you have a deliverability issue, we will fix it before it becomes a serious problem.

5. Email Engagement

Measuring email marketing performance goes a long way beyond your opening and click-through rates. We will drill down into your data to extend your understanding of how you email marketing is working, so you optimize your messaging for Mobile-v-Desktop, which segments are performing well, which need attention or an alternate strategy to engage, multiple demographic niche performance, and demonstrate where performance is working and where it is not. Wellspring Search has the ability to identify where you are performing well, and why, and where you are not.

6. Email Design & Messaging Copy

Wellspring Search will help you develop and design your email templates with the content that moves your readers. Email design must take into account two audiences: firstly, the automated gatekeepers of recipient email, such as spam filters and firewalls, and secondly the human target audience you want to engage with.

We know when to use plain text, and when rich media should be employed, and we know how to design an email template that is likely to get delivered to your target reader.

7. Email Customization

Are you customizing email to the expectations of your readers? Simply adding a “Dear John” to the start of the email body can have a dramatic impact on engagement and conversion, but what else can be done?

The answer is we can do a lot to help you with customizing and configuring email campaigns to your target audience and list database.

8. Email Data Analysis & Reporting

Wellspring Search will work with you to develop your email marketing metrics and key indicators. We’ll baseline your existing email universe, and provide you with a clear and transparent understanding of current and projected email performance. Most of all, we’ll give you an accurate assessment of why your email marketing is performing in the way it is, and continuously advise on improvements.

9. Testing & Conversion Optimization

Test, Test, Test!

To improve conversions and ROI, you need to constantly test subject lines, email customization, content and messaging, time and date of delivery, and much more. Wellspring Search employs testing tools and statistical methodology to gain an understanding of why email performance is working the way it is, and more importantly, how do we get more ROI out of your investment.

10. Technology Recommendations

Wellspring Search will make an assessment of the technology and email resources you are currently using, as well as actionable recommendations for the future. Choosing the right email and analytics platform will go a long way to generating overall success. Are you paying too much for your email platform, or do you need to deploy a more sophisticated solution?

Whatever your email technology requirements, Wellspring Search is your trusted advisor.

Wellspring Search is Your Trusted Email Marketing Partner

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