Ecommerce Marketing Agency Services

Ecommerce Marketing Services: Website Development, Customer Acquisition & Retention, and Conversion Rate Optimization

Wellspring Search offers ecommerce website development and customer acquisition and retention services. We have built ecommerce websites of our own and developed them as distinct businesses, some of which have been successfully sold.

Ecommerce Website Development

Closely related to our web design services, we provide ecommerce development using Volusion, Big Commerce, and Magento.

Our websites are aesthetically pleasing, however we develop and design with the ultimate end objective clearly in view: the attraction and conversion of web visitors into paying customers.

Our ecommerce websites are developed with clean code and are delivered in an SEO-friendly state, and are also Mobile-ready with adaptive or responsive design.

We will also work with you to establish a suitable reporting and monitoring infrastructure using Google Analytics (including Goal Tracking and Conversions), and we are also Google Analytics Certified. We will also work with whatever enterprise tracking and reporting systems you may be operating.

We will also work with you to optimize both the website and its digital footprint across third-party providers, such as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, and more.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Wellspring Search will help you develop your ecommerce business through solid customer acquisition and retention strategies. We are highly adept at utilizing all digital marketing channels, including search engines (paid search and organic SEO), Social Media, content marketing, email campaigns, marketing automation, and affiliate marketing. Wellspring Search will also assist you with effective promotion creation, including use of loyalty and rewards programs, coupons, discounts, and special offer incentives to sell and cross-sell your products and services.

We will work with you to create acquisition and retention marketing strategies that will ensure you enjoy a very healthy lifetime customer value and ROI.

In addition, we have extensive multi-channel experience, including integrating digital campaigns with traditional media, including TV, radio, print, and mail.

Conversion Optimization & Rigorous Testing

Generating web traffic is one thing, but what happens after a visitor hits your site?

We have a laser focus on generating ROI, which means we use a rigorous and methodical approach to testing and analyzing your ecommerce data.

We have extensive experience using split A/B and multivariate testing, using advanced Google Analytics, and User Experience testing and improvement.

Marketing Automation & Funnel Creation

Tracking and identifying the customer journey is essential if you are to establish control over your ecommerce operation. You also need to establish just why people come and buy from you in order to replicate ROI and conversion generating activities.

We are experienced using Marketo and HubSpot, however we have partnered specifically with SharpSpring for marketing automation.

Whatever the marketing automation program you use, we will help you to automate many of the sales and marketing processes that lead to ROI.

Wellspring Search offers effective Ecommerce Marketing services including:

Ecommerce strategy formulation

Multi-channel program management utilizing SEO, PPC, Social Media, Shopping & Product Feed Optimization, Retargeting, Email, Affiliate, and Programmatic).

Customer retention through content, loyalty and rewards programs
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) through continuous and methodical testing (split A/B, multivariate, pretesting).

Content Marketing including content creation through copy, video, audio, podcasts, webinars, blogging, infographics, press releases, and other creative tactics. We will also engage with third-party content promotion partners for general and industry-specific marketing, such as Brafton and Taboola.

Experience with B2C and B2B sectors for commercial clients and non-profits.

Advanced marketing attribution consulting and setup, including multiple attribution models and channel interaction.

Google Analytics setup, including customized dashboards, metrics, and KPI setup and reporting automation. We will also work with your own off-the-shelf or custom reporting platform, including working with integrated business transactional and management systems.

Wellspring Search is your trusted Ecommerce Marketing Agency

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