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Content Marketing Strategy, Creation, and Promotion

Content Marketing embraces your branding, positioning, and messaging you employ to create trust, credibility, interest, and ultimately sales and leads. Creating a content marketing strategy takes time, skill, discipline, and a deep understanding of how your business and customers operate and interact.

In this digital age, customers are increasingly in the driving seat when it comes to how they want you to communicate with them, and you must adapt your marketing strategy to suit the different tastes which exist.

Creating content for a Mobile-device user will require different elements and skills to be employed, compared to a desktop user or a traditional media consumer.

How does your target market want to hear from you?

Contenbt Marketing company

Wellspring Search employs a 5-step content marketing process:

Establish Goals – are you looking for leads, increased awareness and education, brand recognition, or engagement with existing customers or new-to-you audiences? By establishing clear goals and purpose, we will be able to create content customized to your business objectives.

Identify Your Audience – who are you looking to create content for, and what benefit will your content need to deliver to engage and delight them?

Create Your Story – stories sell better than fact sheets, lists of features and benefits, or other unemotional collateral. We will help you create unique concepts and ideas, around which we will create the content assets your marketing will need.

Management Process – once your content marketing campaigns are in flight, they will need to be managed, monitored, and controlled. Ensuring you get the right exposure, at the right time and place, and have visibility into what is happening with your assets and marketing spend.

Establish Reporting and KPIs – performance indicators are crucial for success and ROI measurement, as well as for optimizing in-flight campaigns and those to come after.

Content marketing strategy components

Content Creation

Your content is what your customers, prospects, and target audience interact with, no matter whether it is words, pictures, audio, or video. Once you have content, how do you get it in front of your target audience – it needs to be promoted to ensure your message is read and shared.

Wellspring Search has very extensive experience creating content in multiple formats and ensuring it gets in front of your target audience and markets.

Wellspring Search has a team of content creators and strategists, who will work with you to establish the appropriate messaging for your products and services.

Our content creation services include:

Blog posting and optimizing for SEO and readers
Article writing and distribution
Press Release and PR distribution
Website page content
Landing page creation and optimization
Email marketing copy
Magazine and press articles including advertorial copy
Video production including script writing
Webinar and podcast production
Infographic design and syndication
White Papers
Case Studies
Thought leadership pieces
Marketing collateral and leave behinds
Content Promotion

Wellspring Search will ensure that your engaging content is seen, and we do this using multiple techniques and channels.

We can ensure your content is promoted via Social Media, through traditional media channels, using paid search and promotional platforms, Wikipedia, and through content sharing and syndication sites such as Taboola, Vocus, Brafton, and others.

Content Marketing and Promotion

Wellspring Search is Your Trusted Content Marketing Partner

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