Negative SEO and Disavowing Links

Liam Neeson meme DISAVOW

Why is it so easy to damage a business with Negative SEO? This post is about managing negative SEO, what to monitor for, what you can do about it, and is aimed at business owners and managers responsible for their organization’s websites. I am seeing a distinct rise in the number of negative SEO attacks

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Dominating Local Search Results

Domaination of Gettysburg local search results

Optimizing for Google Maps and Local Search Results Dominating local search results and getting into Google Maps is essential for businesses dependent upon walk-in traffic, or have a distinct local catchment area for their customers. If you are not in the Google Maps box when it is shown, or in the top 3 organic search

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Press Release: Wellspring Search Acquires screenshot

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 2, 2018 Wellspring Search, LLC 717.658.8683 Iconic design portal acquired by Wellspring Search. Precursor to Webby Awards finds a new home with Karl Hindle Frederick, MD & Gettysburg, PA —March 2, 2017 – Wellspring Search, LLC, announces the acquisition of, the California-based design portal that has launched and

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